Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Herpes In The Butt Scared It Might Be STD?

Scared it might be STD? - herpes in the butt

Recently, I developed some red bumps / knots in my ass, and a few of my lips. Not really hurts, but right now I'm menstruation and feels moisture / friction of the skin, so irritating. My gynecologist has seen a few times and said she believes that the herpes, but she wants me to do on the test anyway. As I said, it is not too painful and I had no other symptoms of herpes. It appears that well-spread. My partner says it's clean and it was the last test again in the 09th June. I have not noticed any bruises / wounds on him either. But I'm still afraid it might be herpes. What do you think?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Does My Dog Constantly Lick His Lips What Do This Dog's Symptoms Mean?

What do this dog's symptoms mean? - my does my dog constantly lick his lips

First, it is not my dog.

Now, for the symptoms.

Used to it now constantly licking his nose and lips were not withdrawn (seems to be) the restriction of the teeth.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Christian Dance Group Names HELP! I Need A New Name For My Christian Sing/Dance Group?

HELP! i need a new name for my Christian Sing/Dance Group? - christian dance group names

The group was originally the eternity of the Force a few years ago
But lately, our director wants to change us
Therefore, we need ideas for a name
Christian is a song and dance group and I need really good ideas for the new name

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cant See Tagged Photos Of Friend How Do I Make It So Friends On Facebook Can't See Tagged Photos Of Me?

How do I make it so friends on facebook can't see tagged photos of me? - cant see tagged photos of friend

Who knows how to remove or make so many friends can not see, has pictures of me? Thanks in advance

Monday, February 22, 2010

How Much Would 4 Veneers Cost What Would Look Nice On Me?

What would look nice on me? - how much would 4 veneers cost

As in --

Style --
Hair --
Surgery (I booked and paid for, or implants, and porcelain veneers) (Please be honest, this is the most important) --
Hair (color, etc.) --

Guys opinions are welcome. No matter what (the cost proposal I have the money more than enough to do almost everything), only through them to me to think of something.

My goal is to provide a "Perfect 10" and I'm not really for this "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" crap, because I firmly believe that I look too perfect (I am a commercial actor of Thus why I think not that my own fault).

I'm 5 "4, 34D-25-36 and wear a size 4/6US and beganin a rigorous training program to achieve the tone of the whole body (personal trainer 4 times a week for strength training, cardio classes over 4 times and yoga or Pilates if I can participate.)

Basically, my goal is to be as beautiful as Jessica Alba, Megan Fox, etc., and I think that is possible. I'm trying to look like me so what I look like, if I is not in Photoshop, it is necessary that the Assembly ", I say."

Photos of me (not in Photoshop) - ...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Can You Mix Ibuprofen And Fioricet Is It Safe To Mix (co -codamol (30mg Codeine Phosphate And 500mg Paracetamol)) With 400mg Ibuprofen?

Is it safe to mix (co -codamol (30mg codeine phosphate and 500mg paracetamol)) with 400mg Ibuprofen? - can you mix ibuprofen and fioricet

Is it possible to (co-codamol mix (30mg codeine phosphate and paracetamol 500 mg)) with 400 mg of ibuprofen at the same time, while maintaining the recommended daily intake. I know that you can mix ibuprofen and acetaminophen, but what is the mixture of codeine?

Thanks in advance

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Belching More Condition_symptoms How Do I Stop Belching? I Think I Have Gall Stones.?

How do I stop belching? I think I have gall stones.? - belching more condition_symptoms

I had pain in the abdomen, have visited three doctors and no one tells me what happened to me, give me painkillers. The attacks, if he ceases to eat healthier, but I can not stop burping, what is annoying is when my new job, where I meet new people every day. I spoke of drugs such as Maalox Max and antacids, but there seems nothing to stop burping. I have belching continuously for more than three weeks. Suggestions on how I can make this stop?

Friday, February 19, 2010

How Many Words Doesbook Typically Have How Many Words Can You 8 Month Old Say?

How many words can you 8 month old say? - how many words doesbook typically have

My son tells me, Mom, Dad, goodbye, and no. It is 8 1 / 2 months. Also this morning, still on the table and did everything) on his way (route, then let her go and turned to the sofa and went down. I saw a milestone chart and it seems that you can overtake. Am I not hope, or any other child of 8 months to do these things?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nz Halal Lamb Meat For Export Bio/Eco Friendly Stuff???....?

Bio/Eco friendly Stuff???....? - nz halal lamb meat for export

Hello guys! I want to know how the organic alien and not so strange / Eco-friendly are animals! My husband and I are looking for ideas and forms of our house eco / bio-friendly and safe! If you can not harm the earth, then it can not hurt us:). Nevertheless, here is my list of environmentally friendly, bio-friendly, safe, halal, natural products or websites, please include that you do not know on this list!

IE EcoStore (TM) bio-friendly detergents, friendly crank rechargeable cell phone battery back EMF, hemp (TM) Card Price thebodyshop recycling, plantations growing a tube of lipstick covered with flowers!, L 'Occitane Ecohouse, Funky Bumz reusable diaper, Hemp Sisters, sunglasses Cancer Society, Qlink pendant,

I WHWe can imagine, I am pleased that this award! : D