Monday, November 23, 2009

Vag Hair Designs [Girls Only!] How Can You Remove Hair From Your Vag. Without It Hurting?

[Girls only!] How can you remove hair from your vag. without it hurting? - vag hair designs

I'm too scared to get waxed ... because I know it hurts very badly. But when I tried to shave, he spurred like a madman. Is it possible that the hair without breaking or eliminate itching?

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Ashton said...

Believe it or not ... Wax these areas is not as bad as you think hurt. Waxing legs worse, actually. I did not know a Brazilian until I get for my honeymoon. And push for the first time that I was really not bad, and starts to really soft and thin. I recommend growing. There are products like Veet and Nair, but no harsh chemicals, can burn or irritate the skin. Growing Tip:. It hurts for a split second, not bad. It is SOOOOO worth it!

▐▀▀▼▀▀▌ ► Cindy ◄ ▐▄▄▲▄▄▌ said...

Use a shaving cream oatmeal or someone who specializes in this area to ensure ohh and also that their leaves are new and clean and clean your area before shaving

my answer: ... said...

Depilatory ... can be purchased at the pharmacy. Veet and Nair are some good brands. Even longer than shaving.

camy said...

Try Veet for sensitive skin. It is 7 dollars at Wal-Mart, and comes in a blue tube. Itching minimum, no razor burns or nicks ... I like it.

MiSSA said...

They have used this cream?
Who dosnt get shaved
Itching all ..

but dosent damage relevant waxinq so bad

Hope that helped

Yellow said...

Nair and Veet respect of products not specifically said to use
Make sure that you are a for n

A.T. said...

With a razor blade?

Crazyy=] said...

shave it.

Angela said...

ok .. uh ... try sum of these products could WRK lik idk Nare

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