Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wrist Injuries More Condition_treatment Are Wrist And Thumb Injuries A Major Problem For Linemen When Playing Football?

Are wrist and thumb injuries a major problem for linemen when playing football? - wrist injuries more condition_treatment

I am working on an engineering project, where we have a problem and solve it. But first we must show that the problem we find that there really is a problem in the real world. I need to know whether the injuries of the wrist and the thumb of the offensive line and defense of a legitimate question, are once resolved, will reduce the risk of injury.


Just wondering said...

I remember when I played almost the end and broke my thumb. In practice, when she was in a position by 3 points and put the weight on my hand hurts really bad. So, yes, that could pose a problem. Because man can have line to its weight on the legs, which will make unbalanced and could not therefore change tired much quicker. Looked only to the extent

Berry said...

The fingers and wrist injuries, but does not come very often. If they occur, but may decrease the effectiveness in blocking lineman injured, but they need to fulfill in a position to its mission with just a little harder and a little pain.

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