Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wolf Aging Can A Wolf Be Raised As A Dog?

Can a wolf be raised as a dog? - wolf aging

When a young wolf was acquired at an early age, could actually be collected in the same way as any dog would do? Is it possible to complete the savagery to control that?

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rescue member said...

No, never completely tame "like a dog.

The nature of the wolf is not even close to a dog is a wild animal and is always very high as a pet.

I coach my dogs have a wolf hybrid, almost all of the Wolf - the first to say that nobody should have wolf is a wolf or hybrid.
She took the wolf as if it were put to sleep, the person who thought that PET was unusual, but could not on reaching adulthood. It is the best coach in our country - also trains dogs for police and sniffer dogs dead - but she knows that the wolf never completely reliable.

It is very sad when unscrupulous people take a wild animal and try to create an animal of the same - or cross-bred with a dog - a terrible thing to do with it.

People get sick things for money, and in many states there are no laws or rules governing the conduct of such an animal. It is sad for the animal in captivity and endanger people.

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