Saturday, January 23, 2010

Black Wood Computer Desk Do Think This Is A Good Idea For Redecorating?

Do think this is a good idea for redecorating? - black wood computer desk

Well, not so often in my room walls painted blue, blue lacquered cabinet door, wooden door, painted wood desk, computer chair, black wood floods, dressing in white bed with the headboard, the books lying around the room, set aside, to know is that things have in themselves, I want to keep on the shelf.

Council, what I want:

I thought wallpaper with white letters and quotes in writing by all parties. I thought that maybe the finger paint in writing or colored markers, I'm not sure. So I thought, lead the best of my closet doors and paint them or something. Then I would lay a new book to shelve all my books, get rid of the board of the head and the color can be the furniture. What do you think?

If you help with ideas, e-mail and you can send me pictures of my room, and then you can make suggestions. It would be very useful! Thank you for any input!

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sounds great!

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