Monday, January 18, 2010

Really Low Cervix What Does It Mean When You Have A Low Cervix?

What does it mean when you have a low cervix? - really low cervix

I saw the doctor the other day for an annual inspection and I have tried to find my neck, as threefold. It hurt so much and told me that I have a low collar. What does that mean exactly? I'm sorry, so brutal, but I just want to know, that means with a low collar.

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daleksun... said...

Your vagina is just one channel. Some women do not have several other cervical cancer. To do a good representation of the vaginal canal, cervix and can do (is all the way on the back of the chain, is the barrier between the canal and the uterus.
This means that the cervix is the lower than usual, that's all. Note, however, can cause pain during sex, sometimes, depending on the position.

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