Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Princess 19 Inch Tv Dvd Combo Math Brain Twister?

Math Brain Twister? - princess 19 inch tv dvd combo

Okay, so I'll get rid of the details and say storytaleish general problem.

It is a princess in a big castle with a moat around 20 square meters. A man comes to save her and finds only two boards, 19 meters long and 8 cm wide. There is no material bonded or glued and can look for more.

This is the only information that we will not stop, do not know what we do, the depth of the pit, but the man is somehow able to rescue the princess from the castle. Not to be creative ... The only information we have is that I should use.


Brandon said...

This has nothing sir!

darkskan... said...

A table near the corner of one side of the square on the side of the next page of the place. The second point, and can be placed in the first table, and you can cross

Image: ...

donna said...

put one in the outer corner and the other stored within the (format)

blaze544... said...

Night, grab a table and floats

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