Sunday, January 31, 2010

Why Water Moved Into The Respirometers Pipettes Bio AP Lab Number 5. Explain Why Water Moved Into The Respirometers' Pipettes?

Bio AP lab number 5. Explain why water moved into the respirometers' pipettes? - why water moved into the respirometers pipettes

I need help on a question in my laboratory. AP lab is the number 5
Explain why water moved into the pipette respirometer.

I know it moves because the oxygen consumed leaves room for water to give, but I can not think of anything more detailed than in it. Anyone?


bioteach said...

It has to do primarily with the need for a pressure between the surroundings and the interior of the respirator mask. When oxygen is consumed, created more space for the same amount of oxygen is always present ... This means that the contents of the respirometer was under pressure from outside on the street ... always pressure if they match the displaced water into the air to offset printing.

iLoveMyB... said...

I do not know about the device you are using or what type of pipette.

Typically, the questions posed, the movement of water with a little of adhesion forces, forces of cohesion, capillarity, surface tension, the polarity of the molecule, the pressure gradient of do exhaust, etc., has

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