Monday, January 25, 2010

Tranfer Recorder In To Hd What Is AUX Mode On The DVD Recorder?

What is AUX mode on the DVD recorder? - tranfer recorder in to hd

I have tried to set data transfer from digital camcorders to DVD, the AUX-DVD recording mode. But the DVD recorder Goodman not AUX. In addition, the device can not record the date. I have the album at the moment is good Comcord transfer from my team. Please help!

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horseyon... said...

Does your camcorder has RCA (yellow white red)
Shots? You can use the camcorder to the DVD player with these charges. Red Right yellow Audion be left blank audio and video input. on DVD. In addition to the DVD recorder has a different program on the remote configuration of the line food. You have to turn on the television and see the configuration.

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