Thursday, January 21, 2010

European Hot Chocolate Is Mariebelle Hot Chocolate A Powdered Mix?

Is Mariebelle hot chocolate a powdered mix? - european hot chocolate

I think, something for my mother to buy for Christmas, but only as a European-style hot chocolate, a mixture of dust, but bits of real chocolate is. I've heard there Mariebel is one of the best chocolate, but I know that my mother would not touch if it is a powder. Does anyone know?

And if it is a powder, everybody knows, a hot chocolate that is not in the form of powder, but the play / piece form?


Ray said...

I think it's the powder, but can be liquefied at the first! We will never know.

Anonymous said...

No, and I'm reporting abuse.

HRH Q said...


HRH Q said...


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