Saturday, January 16, 2010

Commercial Led Lighting I Am Making A Light And Wondering What Blinking, Strobing, Or Flashing Rate Is The Most Eye Catching. 10/sec?

I am making a light and wondering what blinking, strobing, or flashing rate is the most eye catching. 10/sec? - commercial led lighting

My plan is to help LED Bicycle to make me more visible, and alert during the morning or early afternoon when people are awake, or do not pay too much attention to light. I have to stay until early to get to work on time and not feel like spending 100-500 U.S. dollars on a light, while I was your own you can create for $ 20. Of course, the speed of the flash to be lawful and do not want to cause convulsions or. Super, I have chosen, lights, white and blue on green building rods and cones, sensitive eyes, now I just want to blink the attention of motorists passing through the lights, but want the best, fast. .. The underlying data, the answer is always useful. Thank you!

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Persistence of Vision starts somewhere at 24 Hz, of course you want less. If you have noticed, is for this reason he chose a kind of rep? Consider at least two light sources with different frequencies. You can start with 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Hz and ask others for their perceived photometric response. (what is most striking).

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