Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Blotchy Hands Red Blotchy Hands When Hanging Down, Dizziness, Fatigue, Lyme Disease Or POTS?

Red blotchy hands when hanging down, dizziness, fatigue, Lyme Disease or POTS? - blotchy hands

I saw a lot of questions on this website without any response. My hands are red and blotchy when my site. It started with a dog bite during the summer. Then numbness atrium and right ring finger. Then the other hand. Then, shortness of breath (eg, symptoms of panic). Extreme fatigue, tremors, irregular heartbeat, low blood pressure, frequent urination, etc. I for Lyme disease (IV Rocephin dealt with today). My doctor called Lyme POTS. Is there anyone out there experiencing these problems? I've been with many other types of doctors. My heart leaps when I'm about. . . Blood pressure and generally low. However, antibiotics for Lyme disease is brutal on my system. The pots do not improve much with Florinef too. Any contribution is welcome.

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The pots can be difficult to diagnose. A routine physical examination and standard blood tests do not allow pots. A tilt table test is vital to the diagnosis of POTS, although they will have all the symptoms before a definitive diagnosis should be considered. Tests for Addison's Disease, pheochromocytoma, avoid electrolyte imbalance, Lyme disease, celiac disease, allergies to food are as a rule. [Edit] May conducted a blood test to verify abnormally high levels of norepinephrine in some patients currently on POTS.

Between 75 and 80 percent of patients are women and pots Age of menstruation. Most male patients develop pots in their mid-teens during a growth spurt or after a viral or bacterial infection. Some women also develop POTS symptoms during or after pregnancy.

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