Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pride Legend Solid Or Air Tires When Did Pride Become A Good Thing? Is It?

When did pride become a good thing? Is it? - pride legend solid or air tires

Recently I talked about the film 300 with a friend. I said, I know only a stupid slasher-horror movie. He said that this is the victory and pride. Pride used to something terrible. In Greek legend, brought pride to humility. One of the seven deadly sins was pride. Now it looks like like something to be desired. When will this change, and this pride? Explaining.

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mysticbl... said...

Pride is a blessing and a curse, depending on how you use it .. Pride you can think about when the head back on the rights of others. Pride also preserve and remember your dignity. After all, the affairs of his decision and wants to live life.Would how hurt or help the people .. But even here, not pride one of the deadly sins?

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