Monday, February 15, 2010

Pros And Cons Of Being Bottomless Is There A Website That Lists Pros/cons Of Being A Doctor Is Each State?

Is there a website that lists pros/cons of being a doctor is each state? - pros and cons of being bottomless

I am nearly done with residence in FP, and I am practicing at various locations. I think that in several states and have difficulty learning about the pros / cons of each state in relation to doctors as they deal with. I want to avoid recruiters and work on my own and also wants to make an informed decision. Anyone can make a good website with information about the condition of state would be grateful.


Bean said...

I know of no special medical side. You can search the government websites, but. I am a coach of athletes and practice in the state where you live, I must register with the Board of Healing Arts. My site has a section of government statistics, regulations, complaints, etc., the CME bit to states that are interested, I have a friend who is now considered a PA, which were also sought reimbursement rates is related to the states. Good luck.

Justin M said...

Now I can say now is about the same every state. it's just that some countries will need more than one permit for the license.

As far as I know, I think you can medicine in the United States practice, if you have an approval in one state.

You only need to inform the State that are in motion, you want to practice there.

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