Monday, February 22, 2010

How Much Would 4 Veneers Cost What Would Look Nice On Me?

What would look nice on me? - how much would 4 veneers cost

As in --

Style --
Hair --
Surgery (I booked and paid for, or implants, and porcelain veneers) (Please be honest, this is the most important) --
Hair (color, etc.) --

Guys opinions are welcome. No matter what (the cost proposal I have the money more than enough to do almost everything), only through them to me to think of something.

My goal is to provide a "Perfect 10" and I'm not really for this "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" crap, because I firmly believe that I look too perfect (I am a commercial actor of Thus why I think not that my own fault).

I'm 5 "4, 34D-25-36 and wear a size 4/6US and beganin a rigorous training program to achieve the tone of the whole body (personal trainer 4 times a week for strength training, cardio classes over 4 times and yoga or Pilates if I can participate.)

Basically, my goal is to be as beautiful as Jessica Alba, Megan Fox, etc., and I think that is possible. I'm trying to look like me so what I look like, if I is not in Photoshop, it is necessary that the Assembly ", I say."

Photos of me (not in Photoshop) - ...

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