Friday, February 5, 2010

Molar Flux Equation In Chemistry, How Is The Equation For Molar Flux Derived From Basic Principles?

In chemistry, how is the equation for Molar flux derived from basic principles? - molar flux equation

I know that this is a difficult question, but I tell you to feed molar fundamental equations of physics. I try, the diffusion of ions through a membrane model, and although the molar flow rate tells only part of the image that you need to know where it comes ... no mathematics / chemistry lovers out there?

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Otts Shoals said...

Not sure that the flow equation more accurately, that speaks. If you look at the first Fick law does not arise, but a definition of molar movement. The Fick's second law is calculated from the first that appears in the Directory. Other versions that give us in May for more details. Darcy's law is even more complicated, and has come from the experience. The subsequent derivation is very complex and is really a mathematical advance.

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