Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nz Halal Lamb Meat For Export Bio/Eco Friendly Stuff???....?

Bio/Eco friendly Stuff???....? - nz halal lamb meat for export

Hello guys! I want to know how the organic alien and not so strange / Eco-friendly are animals! My husband and I are looking for ideas and forms of our house eco / bio-friendly and safe! If you can not harm the earth, then it can not hurt us:). Nevertheless, here is my list of environmentally friendly, bio-friendly, safe, halal, natural products or websites, please include that you do not know on this list!

IE EcoStore (TM) bio-friendly detergents, friendly crank rechargeable cell phone battery back EMF, hemp (TM) Card Price thebodyshop recycling, plantations growing a tube of lipstick covered with flowers!, L 'Occitane Ecohouse, Funky Bumz reusable diaper, Hemp Sisters, sunglasses Cancer Society, Qlink pendant,

I WHWe can imagine, I am pleased that this award! : D

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Things made from organic cotton and bamboo

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