Monday, February 8, 2010

Self Wedgies Pics How Can You Give A Mean Self Wedgie And What Techniques Are There.?

How Can you give a mean self wedgie and what techniques are there.? - self wedgies pics

Awns only with my wonder why I do just awnser my question.

PS I know that Melvin, regular, hanging, drawing and natural wedgie.

PS Do you know all the pitfalls wedgie can not terminate wedgie.


kiki said...

You can even hang wedgie will take a scale Hoke low consumption of the reduction in ladder! or you can do is a deep wedgie String Band, or difficult to speak through the holes for the legs of the ceramics on the right side of the rope on the right to exercise, and then left the link below the left armpit slouder well together! When you look back worse when considering loosening

Brother Otter said...

Let me guess, Braden. You are over 11, is not it?

I make no ideas challenge to the subtleties underwear of someone from the floor, my.

Chloe said...

someone has too much time on their hands

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