Saturday, February 13, 2010

Strangle And Garrot Video Ethics Of Hypothetical Time-traveling?

Ethics of hypothetical time-traveling? - strangle and garrot video

Yes, we know that time travel is not exactly in the corner, but if it did, it would be ethical, to strangle, for example, in the time and cause the child Withers Adolf Hitler or Stalin or the death of Pol Pot?


Gnome said...

I think we are approaching the point at which you can travel through time, it must set some sort of guidelines to ensure that not producing the results of our actions are a bigger problem.
It is the concept that if we had the story, a parallel universe created and would be, he remembers nothing about it, because we do if he were still alive, were quite different in a different world.
The complexity is so great that we can not even imagine what the consequences of the journey into the past.
There are people who believe that the UFO "actually time travelers from our future. Who knows? Maybe.

silverbi... said...

Ah, that is, if a time travel paradox. If you do that, would not go down in history as a monster, would not be necessary to go back in time to commit the act with the right mouse button? This would not of course mean that the return and kill them to be lived monster.

Congratulations, you've invented a parallel universe.

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