Thursday, February 4, 2010

Newborn Phrases Right After Birth 2!! Again.?

Right after birth 2!! again.? - newborn phrases

In view of these videos that I am in a request type:
Hospital first baby bath tubs, bathtubs hospital newborn or
Hospital new baby or child toiletries, phrases like
or the like. Baby's first bath, the bath in the hospital for new baby
and others. There are several ways to search
for these videos. So baby, baby bathtub Hospital
and variations on this or any other conceivable
yourself. I usually ask the videos that one months
one week or one day or another. The diversity at
Search can be found among the more.


~ Ternie ~ ツ said...

They seem almost like a pedophile, as the word of your question. You can read, review and update it so that people are not wrong and is actually the answer to your question.

Maggie57... said...

WTF are you talking about?

** Well, excuse me - but there is no reference to something that is open at once - that's just gibberish to find the baby in the bathroom. And said, without further reference - as another poster - seems quite a pedophile or any of its creep is interested in videos of naked children.
This was my first thought - and here I thought 15 weeks of pregnancy some really wierdo online search for videos of my first bath baby bother me! There was no clarity on this issue at all.
And I apologize ... but I never heard of someone who has just heard a healthy fascination for that, I think it is very strange.

Anonymous said...

Think when reading these three parts that you've written, I just leave those who know how to see videos of bathing a newborn baby and other videos of this kind will. No question marks or even questions that I could find in his written statement, and I guess it's just information. Thank you for sharing and if you ever wondered how to find this video, I know I have to ask a question for me to know, need. It may be useful as I expected.

Moo Moo Mair said...

Boy, the star of the confusion that really turn tonight!

Moo Moo Mair said...

Boy, the star of the confusion that really turn tonight!

soulwish... said...

What exactly do you want?

Ga&Du's Mom said...

Is this a question? If so, I do not understand!

Done!!! said...

Is this a response to someone elses? This is not the risk! LOL

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