Saturday, February 20, 2010

Belching More Condition_symptoms How Do I Stop Belching? I Think I Have Gall Stones.?

How do I stop belching? I think I have gall stones.? - belching more condition_symptoms

I had pain in the abdomen, have visited three doctors and no one tells me what happened to me, give me painkillers. The attacks, if he ceases to eat healthier, but I can not stop burping, what is annoying is when my new job, where I meet new people every day. I spoke of drugs such as Maalox Max and antacids, but there seems nothing to stop burping. I have belching continuously for more than three weeks. Suggestions on how I can make this stop?


Deana G said...

Go to your local health food store and get some suppliments that can dissolve the stones you have worked.

Good health to you!

James J said...

If you burp like sulfur dioxide (smells like rotten eggs), then the chances are good that you have experienced an attack of prolonged gallbladder.
Try to find a doctor of internal medicine.

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